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Rayone iol

Consistency. Ease of use. Control. Minimal wound stretch

In the past, preloaded IOL systems would have had to sacrifice at least one of these elements for a successful outcome. Not anymore. Rather than look at the IOL and injector as two separate challenges, we believed the system needed to be designed as one.

The result is a fully preloaded injection system that delivers an enhanced 6.0 mm aberration neutral Aspheric IOL via the smallest incision.

RayOne® also features patented Lock & RollTM technology for consistent, smoother lens delivery;  all whilst offering the largest power range available -10.0 D to +34.0 D.

Discovery Raytrace

Discovery Raytrace

Quick and easy power calculator

  • Open access with no login required.
  • Clear and intuitive user interface.
  • Biometry; including SIA and incision Location.

Complete all-in-one calculator

  • Access all of Rayner's Premium IOLS.
  • T-flex Aspheric Toric.
  • M-flex Multifocal & M-flex T Multifocal Toric.
  • Sulcoflex Pseudophakic Supplementary IOLS.

Clear and accurate results

  • IOL power recommendations with Est. post-operative outcomes.
  • Print options including Theatre view.

Go one Step Further!

  • Join the Raytrace Club and register for a login to access eve more functions.

Rayner viscoelastic

Ophteis® FR Pro Viscoelastic

  • Rayner's Ophteis® FR Pro is uniquely bio-engineered OVD containing sorbitol, added at 4% concentration to the 2% NaHA.
  • Sorbitol is a highly stable antioxidant molecule, found naturally in the aqueous humour.
  • When combined in Ophteis® FR Pro, sorbitol has a neutralising or "scavenging" effect on free radical. enabling a new level of corneal endothelial protection from phaco induced trauma.
  • FR Pro does everything a surgeon demands from an OVD and more.


Benefits of Rayners Ophteis® FR Pro:

  • PROTECTS the endothelium throughout the procedure.
  • MAINTAINS the integrity of the anterior chamber by increasing the volume and space.
  • ENABLES the surgeon to easily manipulate and move tissue during surgery. 
  • PROVIDES a new level of protection. 

Product Selection Table

Cataract Surgery- Viscoelastics




Cataract Medenniumn


Matrix Acrylic is the newest technology available in acrylic lens design.


  • Unique foldable hydrophobic acrylic material.
  • Single monomer formulation developed to be biostable.
  • A high index of refraction.


  • Highest tensile strength designed to resist optic damage during folding and insertion.
  • Polyvinylidene (PDVF) haptics chosen for their superior memory and compressibility, designed to ensure complete shape recovery.

Lens Tech

Softec I

  • The Softec I is a C-loop, one-piece hydrophilic acrylic with a uniplanar design and equal biconvex spherical optic that allows surgeons to implant the lens whether it is right-side-up or not. This makes positioning the lens virtually fool proof.
  • The Softec I has been available globally for more than 10 years. It is part of Lenstec’s line of high-value lenses.
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