Dry-eye product range

Smart Plug Drye eye

Thermosensitive Punctum Plug

SmartPlug is held with forceps and introduced into the vertical punctum.

SmartPlug begins to shrink and expand once in contact with body temperature.

After a short amount of time, SmartPlug has formed to fit the vertical punctum, resulting in occlusion.

Eagle Plug 1 Drye Eye

Simple Solution for Dry Eye

Plug1 is the culmination of almost 40 years experience in the punctal occlusion market. A unique dual-lobed design allows Plug1 to fit a wide range of punctum sizes (from 0.5mm - 0.8mm) using Eagle Vision's time-tested inserter so there is no awkward insertion technique.

  • Fits 0.45mm-0.8mm puncta.
  • Simple sizing.
  • Easy insertion technique.
  • Easily reversible.
  • Low profile rim

biosyntrx drye eye

Nutritional support for Healthy Eyes


  • Multiple Nutrients for your eyes and body.


  • Oral Gel Caps for Dry Eye Syndrome.

Eye & body Complete

  • Extra strength eye and body protection.


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Thea drye eye

Individualize your choice


Blephasteam - 100 replacement rings.

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