Cataract surgery-IOLS & Visco-elastics IOL’s


We offer High-quality hydrophilic and hydrophobic acrylics IOL’s from 3 International Reputable quality IOL manufacturers.

Rayner Family of IOL’s range and soon the new RayOne® MICS

  • Rayner has the world’s longest commercial history of IOL design and manufacturing. Whilst a lot has changed over the past 60 years, the values and guiding principles behind our designs have not. They are driven by science to create lenses that deliver better outcomes for patients and surgeons alike.
  • The new RayOne® platform does just that: 
  • The injector system uses patented technology to roll the lens consistently so that it can be injected via a 1.65 mm nozzle (the smallest available).
  • The new RayOne® MICS lens takes the design benefits of our tried-and-tested C-flex and Superflex platform, to give you a single enhanced 6.0 mm optic.

Lenstec: Softec1 IOL Where Quality Meets Value.

  • Currently,more IOLs are made with Lenstec technology worldwide than any other system

Medennium: Aurium Restoring Clear Vision to Cataract Patients.

  • Medennium is committed to the highest standards of research, development and quality control.

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Ophteis® FR Pro with sorbitol – a Free Radical Scavenging (FRS) innovation

Rayner’s Ophteis® FR Pro is a uniquely bio-engineered OVD containing sorbitol, added at 4% concentration to the 2% NaHA. Sorbitol is a highly stable antioxidant molecule, found naturally in the aqueous humour. When combined in Ophteis® FR Pro, sorbitol has a neutralising or “scavenging” effect on free radicals, enabling a new level of corneal endothelial protection from phaco induced trauma.

Aside from its unique free radical scavenging qualities, Ophteis® FR Pro does everything a surgeon demands from an OVD and more. It is stable in the anterior chamber during phaco, providing superior chamber maintenance and is easy to remove at the end of surgery. What’s more, it doesn’t require refrigeration, so it’s ready to go when you are

The Ophteis range offers a full spectrum of OVDs from dispersive to cohesive, which means I can select the OVD best suited to my specific cataract procedure.This flexibility is important to me,” commented Michael Amon, MD, Professor and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Hospital of St. John, Vienna, Austria.

“Having recently been invited to trial some of the Ophteis OVD range as part of a field evaluation,I was particularly impressed by the fact that I could store all Ophteis OVDs at room temperature and know that I will still have a reliable and consistent substance.

Eliminating the need for refrigeration means one less thing for my OR staff to worry about.

Rayner’s reputation gives me confidence that these products will be among the best available for surgeons.”