Glaucoma Surgey

MIGS devices

Transforming Migs
​in more ways than one

  • Optimized Outflow: Two multi-directional stents designed to restore natural outflow
  • Clinically Proven: Significant IOP reduction across a wide range of clinical studies1,2
  • Procedural Elegance: Predictability and precision to meet the needs of your practice
  • Proven Safety: Safety profile similar to cataract surgery alone1

Glaucoma Surgery

  • One of the smallest medical devices known to be implanted into humans
  • Improves aqueous outflow to significantly reduce pressure (IOP)
Self-trephinating tip
Easily guides device through the trabecular meshwork into Schlemm’s Canal.
Retention arches
Help to secure placement
Aqueous flows
through the snorkel and into Schlemm’s canal
Engineered to fit precisely into Schlemm’s canal, enabling steady physiologic outflow
enabling steady physiologic outflow


  • Medical grade titanium
  • Heparin coating
  • 1 mm in length
  • 0.3 mm in height
  • 120 µm lumen diameter

iStent inject stents

Made of titanium and coated with heparin, iStent inject is the smallest medical deviceknown to be implanted in the human body.

Insertion tube with window

Optimizes visualization of stents during implantation.

Two preloaded stents in the iStent inject system

The iStent inject system is composed of two stents in a single-use, sterile injector.

Smiley faceStent delivery button
Smiley faceInsertion sleeve retraction button
Cam-driven, injector delivers two iStent inject stents
Smiley face23-ga sleeve
Smiley faceErgonomic design
For increased comfort and control